Young, Gifted And STAT












That is what I consider this team. We have young talent, we are gifted in ability and we have STAT.

Today was the first step in a week-long schedule of measuring sticks for the New York Knicks. Despite all the efforts from some of the worst displays of officiating that I have seen in some time, we managed to walk away with a win.  In heroic fashion, might I add.

We kept both streaks alive. The Knicks winning streak and Amare Stoudemire kept his Superman act alive. Scoring 30 points today which set a franchise record.

I personally thought the streak was in jeopardy at halftime. Amare had only 6 points which made his game finishing 30 even more impressive. He came out in the 3rd quarter, guns blazing but was sent to the bench in the 4th due to some horrible Foul calls. His return was much needed as the game was hanging in the balance and he scored crucial basket after basket keeping us in the lead. I find it impossible to believe he is not on his way to another Eastern Conference Player Of The Week Award.

What clearly sets this team apart from the teams we watched the last 8 years is the ability to close the show. In tight spots in the past, we floundered. Not sure what plays to run, hoping someone would step up.  Bad possessions, poor shot selection. You name it, we did it. I often said the Knicks find new ways to lose every night. Now we are the polar opposite. We know who are go to guy is, we are capable of making plays on defense, there is no panic on the face of these players. We are learning how to win. I love it.

The rest of our players also played tremendous. You could tell losing was not an option for them today.Raymond Felton had his highest output of assists today, with 17 and only 2 turnovers. Talk about turnover to assist ratio. Gallo started out lights but eventually cooled off offensively but made one of the biggest defensive plays which was drawing a charge on the player many want to replace him as a starter, Carmelo Anthony. Landry Fields played in one his biggest games as a Knick and produced some of his best results in my opinion today, 18 pts, 9 rebs and 3 assists. Wilson Chandler was terrific. He played to the point that I question if we even need Carmelo Anthony. He delivered a bomb 3 pointer in the final minutes of a tied ball game to put us up by 3. Wilson Chandler is doing his thing.

The Nuggets played well. Anthony finished with 31 and 13 rebs but I felt Nene had the bigger impact. He ate Amare’s lunch for most of the game, beasting in the paint. I’m not quite sure how he only finished with 26 points, felt like he had 50. We still need a big in the middle to  clog the paint and prevent this type of outburst from opposing forwards/centers. This might be the piece that is more important that acquiring a player of Melo’s ability.

You have to feel very excited about this win. If we can get one of the wins against Boston or Miami, it would be a great confidence booster for this team and prove to some of the doubters that we have turned the corner. (dare I say that.. knock on wood) Perhaps we can win both?

Anything is possible, when you are Young, Gifted & STAT.

Props to Aretha Franklin for inspiring the title of this post, if you don’t know.




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4 Responses to Young, Gifted And STAT

  1. VaporsNyc says:

    Nice post…..I think you know how I feel about bandwagon fans…..I hope the wheels can hold up….Stat City might make the State Melo!

  2. ELGINDOTCOM says:

    I like that closing line.. might borrow that.

  3. Vern says:

    Well done on the Aretha reference. The way wilson chandler drilled that 3 to take the lead and eventually close out, compared to the way Melo self destructed at the same time, makes me think i wouldnt want to see “will the thrill” go in a trade for Melo. Instead of giving up the farm, just wait for the off season. Word is he’s not signing an extension with any other team but ny….

  4. ELGINDOTCOM says:

    I agree. I dont know if we could technically keep Chandler and sign Melo in the off season. I’m sure someone is going to offer some nice $. Im not even sure I put Tony Douglas in a trade right now nevermind Landry or Gallo. I just dont want to break up the chemistry. Id trade Currys contract, Randolph and Moz.

    If not, Id just wait. Lets see what this bunch can do together and then determine exactly what we need.

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