30 Is The New 20..


“30’s the new 20 nigga I’m so hot still/better broad better au-to-mo-bile/bet a yard, nah bet a hundred mill” – S. Carter “30 something”

That sums it up for me. He is really making 30 points look quite easy. So easy that I am forgetting how amazing of a run he has been on. 30 points is becoming the benchmark.

Amare had a triple double tonight. Probably one he will want to forget about. 36 points, 10 rebound and 11 turnovers.

The Knicks overall played well enough to win but did not look GREAT. Felton finished with 13 points and 4 assists.  He appeared hung-over from his game winning heroics the other night.  Gallo, Fields and Chandler both had extremely efficient nights scoring the ball. Tony Douglas continued with his growing pains. Most notably a pull up 3 pointer during a 3 on 2 fast break which caused me to tweet “Now I know why we are looking for a backup PG”.  It is expected for a young player to go through these type of moments. No need for alarm. They got the win, thats all that matters.

It was refreshing to see the Knicks fans back out in full force on the road.  Last time I can remember seeing and hearing Knicks fans in D.C., Chris Webber was shooting way too many 3’s while wearing a Bullets Jersey.  (Rasheed Wallace was also in a suit on the sidelines with his arm in a cast)

Glad to get this game out the way with a W and now its on to the real test.  Denver, Boston and Miami.

Should be exciting.








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One Response to 30 Is The New 20..

  1. VaporsNyc says:

    Amaru Akbar! haha….aye the next 3 games I see 3-0…I really do! ….NYK ^

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