2 Piece, No Biscuit.

For this edition of “Friday Night Fights” we present Chris Childs vs Kobe Bryant.

I remember this game like it was yesterday. The great thing about the Knicks of the 90’s was even if they lost there was always a silver lining. That silver lining was usually Charles Oakley, John Starks, or Xavier McDaniels beating someone up. It allowed me to shake off haters with the “We did not win but we beat the sh*t out of them!”.

Chris Childs joined the Rock ‘Em, Sock’Em Robot Hall Of Fame in April of 2000 by giving Kobe Bryant a nice 2 piece combo as seen in the video above.

The fight has become famous for obvious reasons. Its Kobe Bryant getting his chin checked. The internet has taken it to another level. It is still used by many users as their Avatar on message boards across the world.

Shaq also wrote about the fight in his book, “Shaq Talks Back” which is linked below.




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