“The Knicks havent beat a good team all year”

“Wait till they play the Lakers or Heat”

(before the season)

“Amare wont be shit without Nash”


“Amare still doesn’t play any defense”

These along with countless other excuses is what I hear from the anti knick contingent at my job.  So now the Knicks have won 11 out of 12 and they are actually looking like a good team and people refuse to give them their props. It’s true they have had a fairly easy schedule but if you’re a Knicks fan when has the schedule ever been easy? If you’re a knicks fan you know that even those 90’s teams had struggles in games that were considered easy.  I don’t care who you play if you win 11 out of 12 thats a pretty good stretch.

Next week we play Denver,Boston,Miami in that order. I don’t expect a sweep of these teams and any reasonable knicks fan shouldnt either. In fact I wouldn’t even be upset if we go 0-3 (well denver should be a win). As long as the team plays hard and competes then I’m good.  I predict we go 2-1 with wins over Denver and Miami. I also predict that after a loss to any of these teams the “sky is falling contingent” will be out in full force.

“I told you they couldn’t beat good teams”

“Same old bum Knicks”

As if losing to Boston or Miami is a sign of a bad team. I would think losing to bad teams is worse than losing to legitimate championship contenders.

What do i know tho I’m just sniggah lol

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