Melo, This Or That..

You Can Get With This..

..Or You Can Get With That.


I Think You'll Get With This, Cuz This Is Where Its At!

I Think You'll Get With This, Cuz This Is Where Its At!


I really tried hard to stay away from the whole Carmelo Anthony to New York fiasco because its been talked about over and over and over and over and over, well you get the idea.

First off, Carmelo is one of my favorite players in the NBA. I rooted for him in college and consider him to be the greatest freshman in NCAA history. I rooted for him his rookie season to win Rookie Of The Year and will still argue to this day that he should have been crowned just that. I rooted for him in the post-season because I could not root for my Knicks because their was no post-season for them. Obviously, I would love to see him play for my Knickerbockers.

That being said, ultimately its his choice. As the caption says.. “He can get with this or he can get with that.”

I cannot imagine why he or  anyone in this league would want to play for the New Jersey Nets. What does that organization have going for themselves? Two decent players in Devin Harris and Brooke Lopez, a potential star that they would likely have to trade way in Derrick Favors.  An organization that at its highest point has not be able to sell out the arena when they were a championship contender. An organization that even if they won championships would always be second fiddle to The New York Knicks.  The move to Brooklyn does nothing to enhance their fan base. Maybe the large Russian community in Brooklyn will get on board because of the owner but thats about it. Knick fans are stubborn and we are not about to jump ship just because you moved into Brooklyn.

On the other hand, you have the City That Never Sleeps, The Mecca of Basketball, One of the most loyal and knowledgeable fanbases in all of sports , 2 core pieces in Amare Stoudamire and Raymond Felton, Solid young talent in Gallo, Fields, Douglas, Williams and Chandler, A team that has already showed the ability to compete and would be what I consider a certified contender with a player like Carmelo Anthony.

That is assuming he has the conviction to wait it out. Let it be known, trade me wherever you want. I’m not resigning. I will only sign with the Knicks after this season is over.

I think it is possible that we may land him before the season is over but I personally would be very cautious about what we would have to part ways with in order to obtain him right now. We have something you cannot buy right now. Chemistry. We are clicking.  I am not sure its worth the risk of clearing house of young talent to make the move now.

If Melo is serious about winning, he will wait too. He controls his destiny. If its about the contract, he will probably do a sign and trade with NJ, Houston or perhaps Portland.  If he wants to become an immortal he will sign with the New York Knickerbockers next summer.

The Choice Is Yours..



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