Amaru Akbar

All Praises Due





Amaru Akbar



Translation: Amare Is The Greatest.

This guy has been playing out of his mind.

I can remember wanting to draft Amare out of Highschool based on his participation in the McDonalds Slam Dunk contest where he got robbed and lost to the player he replaced in NY, David Lee.

I’ve seen him go toe to toe with Tim Duncan in Phoenix. I’ve seen him do some fantastic things with Steve Nash. But I have never seen him play at this level before. I cannot think of the last player to perform at this level over a stretch of games that was not named Patrick Ewing.

I will admit I was skeptical at the $100 million dollar price tag we paid for him but if he continues to play this way, we might need to cut him another $100 million just on principle.

He has embraced the role of leader and excelled beyond anyones expectations, including the hard to please New York media.

Let us face the “EAST”ern Conference and praise STAT.




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