Surviving The Times

I’ve seen an on-going trend lately of attacks on Eddy Curry. I’m here to tell you why you should think twice before judging Eddy.

“All Eyez On You, n*ggas in your face/ invading your space / You asked if I could trade in your place./How would I hold up? ” -Nas “Surving The Times”

I can’t help but think of those lines when I think of Eddy Curry and what he has been through and what the average person thinks about Eddy Curry.

This is not about Eddy Curry, the athlete. Eddy Curry, the professional or unprofessional athlete. Eddy Curry, the high school prodigy who never live up to his potential. This is about Eddy Curry, the human being.

I cannot help but feel enraged over the way people toss around insults at the expense of Eddy Curry.  The level of insensitivity to what this young man has endured.  The lack of support for the road ahead for Eddy once his contract is up and is faced with the reality of his financial situation.

I am sure most of us are in a similar situation when I say it is very unlikely that any of us will ever make the millions that Eddy did during his NBA career. I would also like to believe that none of us will have to deal with being a victim of a house invasion and being robbed at gunpoint. Deal with the leeches and carry ons that come with that million dollar contract. Deal with not having a real role model or a mentor to teach you what being a responsible adult is all about. Or god forbid any of you who read this or find it fun to attack Eddy have to deal with the death of a child and that child’s mother that took place in front of his other 3-year-old son. But if you did, “how would you hold up?” Could you concentrate on work? Would you care about work? Would you walk around in a fog thinking this can’t be life. This has to be a nightmare. Someone wake me up.  I don’t know how I could go forward with my life and I sure don’t know how Eddy does. But somehow, someway, he wants to. I admire him for that. As you should. Think about it. Put yourself in his shoes.

I say this with the highest level of urgency. Eddy needs help. I truly feel if Eddy Curry does not get the proper mentorship or group support we will be reading about him in the paper. Something bad is going to happen to Eddy. Be it something he does to himself or something that someone else does to him.  He is in position where we as people have two options for Eddy.  We can throw him a life jacket or throw him an anchor.  The choice to get help is as much Eddy’s responsibility as it is ours to offer it. I urge you though, for all this young man has seen in such a short time, don’t kick him while he is down. Pick him up, dust him off, let him know its ok to make mistakes. You can recover. Failure is never fatal and success is never final. That is what Eddy needs right now. Not websites posting pictures of Eddy and allowing users to throw insults disguised as captions. Not a ticker on his contract because its funny. Not the media writing articles attacking him. Again, this is not about Eddy the NBA player. If it was, he might deserve those things. This is about Eddy the human being. Eddy Curry who has been through more than most of us could handle. When is enough, enough?

Maybe I identify with Eddy Curry because I too have faced adversity in my life. Maybe it’s because I did not have that role model in life. Maybe it’s because I know what it feels like to have someone or something you love taken away from you. Maybe it’s because we both grew up in similar financial circumstances.

I prefer to think it is because I am human. I understand we cannot judge those we do not understand. I understand people in glass houses should not throw stones. I understand when you point a finger, there are 3 more pointing back at you.

I understand. Do you?

Think of them when you think of Eddy.



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One Response to Surviving The Times

  1. Tee says:

    I agree with your statements on the fact that Eddie Curry is human. Some of these fans only see the ball player and that he is not on his game. They quickly foeget about the heartache this ball player has gone through and just think that he should shake it off and move on. Like you said, if this happened to their family, how would they be able to concentrate on their daily routines that they were doing before tragedy struck their loved one/s? Everyone must remember, some of these athletes are targets without even knowing before it’s too late. They are all human and have problems just liek the rest of us non celebrity/athletes.

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