Marbury Says Derrick Rose is best PG in the NBA

Original Tweet Regarding D-Rose

Marbuys reply via Tweetlonger








  Details and video after the jump..

After watching Derrick Rose dismantle the Houston Rockets by scoring 30 points, grabbing 7 rebounds, dishing out 11 assists and snatching up 5 steals, not to mention a game tying 3 pointer at the buzzer to force overtime. I made the comparison of D-Rose to a young Stephon Marbury via Twitter. The speed, the quickness, the strength, the scoring, the ability to finish or find the open man. I’ve seen this before and the comparison is very well warranted.

When I woke up with morning, I had the response above waiting for me in my @ mentions. Starbury feels D-Rose is the best PG in the league. I’m sure some will argue that Deron Williams, Rajon Rondo, Chris Paul or Russell Westbrook is the premier PG in the league. On any given night any of the above mentioned can be that guy.  Last night Derrick Rose was that guy. Not only because one of the best point guards to come out of NYC says so but because of his brilliance on the court.

Video of the game tying 3 pointer below. Clutch.

And just incase some of you have forgot… Clutch.





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