Friday Fights

I wanted to start off my “Friday Fights” off on the right foot, or should I say fist? And what better player to start off with other than Charles Oakley.  Not only is he my favorite Knick of all time but he is in my opinion the toughest player to ever grace the hardwood. More after the jump.

Unfortunately, I do not have the liberty of access to MSG’s video database and most of the fights I wanted footage of were unavailable. There were so many great Charles Oakley moments. The wars between him and Larry Johnson or Charles Barkley. (Although the best Oak/Bark fight is rumoured to have taken place off the hardwood and there is no footage!) There was the well publicized incident between him and Tyrone Hill, Him punching Jeff Mcinnis in the side of the head during shoot around, Karate chopping Otis Thorpe in the neck, Him & Xavier McDaniels before they were teammates.  The list goes on and on.

The only footage I can find of the Oakman was a fight that took place between Shaq and Brad Miller of the Bulls.  Oakley was not directly involved in the fight but he did pull a move out of the WWE and body splashed Shaq while he was on-top of teammate Brad Miller. If you watch the video towards the end when they replay the incident, you can see Oakley shove his teammate Ron Artest to the side in order to get in on Shaq. Almost as if he was thinking “I’ve been waiting for this moment my whole career, get outta my way young fella!”

Also in honor of Oakley, I wanted to post the clip below which shows Oakley did not discriminate in his intimidation distribution.  Below you can see him punking Scottie Pippen when they were teammates during Pip’s rookie season in Chicago.

Yes sir, there was only one Charles Oakley. O.G. Status!



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