Rodman deserves better..


Pistons and NBA great Dennis Rodman is once again on the NBA Hall of Fame ballot after appearing last year in his first year of eligibility. There is no doubt that he should have been a first ballot hall of famer but for whatever reason his accomplishments are being ignored by the powers that be.  Do the writers hold some kind of personal vendetta or is he too “eccentric” to be in the prestigious Hall of Fame. I’ll let you figure out what eccentric is code word for in this instance but the fact remains he needs to get in this time otherwise just leave the man alone.

The Pistons organization deserves some critcism as well. It’s a tough sell to convince writers to enshrine Rodman when his own team hasn’t even done the right thing and retired his No. 10 jersey. Zeke would never stand for such disrespect of his teammate


LET THE WORM IN!!!!!!!!!!!!

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2 Responses to Rodman deserves better..

  1. thekid10705 says:

    Cindy Crawford’s vag’ in this pic’ is gorgeous!
    Yo, EL. No inzekewetrust insight on “King” James return to Cleveland? If the Heat don’t win by at least 50, the NBA is worse than the WWF!

  2. ELGINDOTCOM says:

    I didnt wanna get on that Lebron bus back to Cleveland. Its been overkill. I wanted him to torch Cleveland just on principle though. I think the Cavs owner is a douchebag. I might touch on it in my round up next week..

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