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Who Cut My Tie?

This picture has nothing to do with “Pick & Post” but I realy just look for a reason to use this photo of Karl Malone from the NBA Draft whenver I can.  Click below to get the latest not so important news around the league..







Peace & Love Chuck!

Charles Barkley has picked the Chicago Bulls to win the East. The Chuckster loves to make these far fetched predictions just to be opposite of everyone else. Even Joakim Noah disagreed and called Chucks prediction “Poison”. Can they Bulls win the East? Perhaps? Am I ready to put them ahead of The Magic, Celtics or even Miami at this point? Nope.






Grizz up, Lakes Down! ALL DAY!

Lakers lose their third straight. Utah, Indiana and now the Memphis Grizzlies have all racked up consecutive wins against the Lake Show. Does it matter much? Not to me. They have Kobe, Artest, Odom, Pau, and a coach named Phil Jackson. They will be fine. Media is already starting the Kobe blame game for the losses as if he didnt just win back to back titles.  Somethings never change. “But these are our heros” – Nas.



"Tony, you f*ck my wife too?!?"

Everytime we think the Spurs are dead they come back like Jason Vorheese minus the hockey mask and machette. The Spurs are off to a 15-2 start and if they can keep up this pace they could threaten to dethrown the current NBA Champion Lakers. Tim Ducan may not be scoring like he used to but he did post a triple double last night against the Warriors. 15 pts, 18 reb, & 11 assists.  Tony Parker seems unfazed by his divorce and has put the league on notice that no mans woman is safe around him, even his teammates.  I guess he is the real “Mr. Steal Ya Girl”, sorry Trey Songz.


I campaign for MVP, you dont get me fired. Deal?

Stan Van Gundy has proclaimed if the season ended today then the MVP would be Dwight Howard. Ok, so if the Knicks ended the season after their first game, they would have finished the season undefeated. Who the f*ck cares? Is D12 a MVP canidate? Of course. Will he win MVP eventually? More than likely. Do I care what Stan Van Gundy thinks after the first month of the season? Hell no.





You scared, Lebron!

You scared, Lebron!Shaq says there is an on-going bet as to wheither Lebron James will do is signature “Powder Toss” into the air this Thursday against his former team. I am not sure if the wager is between Celtic teammates our the league in general.  I also do not know what the line is in Vegas on this bet but I’d take Lebron, heavy.  Sidenote.. How come KG has not sued Lebron over the powder toss thing? I mean, he did invent it after all and Lebron jacked it and made it his signature.  Am I the only one who noticed this?


Owner Beef. Suge vs Puff II

The Knicks latest jab at the Nets is done via a radio ad that says “You Can Walk Like Us, You Can Talk Like Us, But You Aint Never Gonna Be Like Us” .  Nets owner responded by saying the Nets want to be nothing like the Knicks and more like the Lakers.  Good luck.  The Nets are one of the lamest franchises in league history in my humble opinion.  What franchise has to give away ownership to a celebrity to try and create buzz? They literally gave Jay-Z that small percentage in hopes of creating some fans in Brooklyn. FAIL.  Us Knick fans are way to stubborn to ever become Nets fans. I say move the franchise to another state in a galaxy far far away and be done with them. But thats just me.


In a serious note, we would like to send our deepest condolences to Utah Jazz owner, Greg Miller.  Sherry Black, Greg Millers mother-in-law was found stabbed to death yesterday. For more info see the link below.

Jazz Owner’s mother-in-law found stabbed




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