Everybody Loves Raymond! Felton, that is.


I Love This City!








As big as Amare Stoudemire played tonight (35 pts, 9 reb) the oil in the engine has been Raymond Felton.

I was one of the guys who was critical of Raymond during the first 5 games or so.  I felt he was not quick enough, did not penetrate enough, ran the pick & roll like it was the most difficult play to execute in the history of western civilization, and he wasn’t Chris Paul. I was wrong. He is a throwback PG. Methodical, Intelligent, Fearless, More Substance than Flash, a Leader, and exactly what we need when we need it. We have won 7 out of the last 8 games and regardless of who we played, I’m beginning to feel good about this team.

I know Isiah Thomas is behind this some how, some way, I just cannot prove it yet. Perhaps he was running the pick & roll with Raymond at some off site campus, showing him the art of the floater, preaching defense.  Either way, Raymond is getting it done and we are showing signs of progress. So heres to you Raymond!

Amare was huge tonight as I mentioned earlier. He went blow for blow with Lopez who got the better of STAT early on but in the second half Amare hit 6th gear and would not be denied. Wilson Chandler chipped in with some nice aggressive moves to the basket. Gallo didnt have his best shooting night but did some other things to off set that.

We did what we had to do to win without going down to the final possession and thats always a good thing for this team.  I spent the first half watching the game at work in our showroom, the second half on the radio on my hour ride home. I like what I saw and enjoyed what I heard on the radio. Good win! Tough challenge on Friday! On to the next one.

*Sidebar.. Someone please tell Devin Harris that there is no country for a player in this league with that rat mustache. Goodnight!




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One Response to Everybody Loves Raymond! Felton, that is.

  1. Strongchef says:

    Great win. 7 of 8 I am excited about this team again. Only you would find a way to give zeke credit for tonights win. Haha. Gotta live it

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