Make It Reign.. * **

With all the Blake Griffin hoopla circulating so far this season, I thought it was only right to honor the original..

I can honestly say there has not been a player like Shawn Kemp in this league since Shawn Kemp. He is right at the top of my list if not the pinnacle of “in-game dunkers”. The power, the creativity, the aggression towards the rim, and lets not forget the celebrations. He made his post-game reactions to his own masterpieces of rim rocking mayhmen just as tantilizing as the dunks themself.

They have said the demise of many great men have come at the hands of a woman. Well the demise of many rims have come at the hands and strength of Shawn Kemp. Respect.

*Pay close attention to the finger pointing done by #40 after the #1 dunk.

**Shout out to Kenny “Sky” Walker for making an appearance in clip #3.



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2 Responses to Make It Reign.. * **

  1. @mannyforbes says:

    i agree kemp was one of my fav players growing up. the alleys from GP were insane

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