Executing the “BUMP & GO”

My views after the jump…

I’m sure I could construct a post about how this bump was incidental contact. I could write that Lebron was obviously frustrated with another loss and had tunnel vision and did not see his coach walking in his direction. I could write that the bump was not out of lack of respect. I could write that the bump was not similar to the one you would give to a student in high school you did not like whenever you saw him in the hallway while switching classes. But I’m not.

First off, I have no hidden agenda in wanting to see Pat Riley take the reigns of this team. Although I feel its inevitable. I do not dislike Coach Spoelstra. I’m sure he is a good guy. A hardworking coach who worked his way up the ranks and deserved the head coaching job he has received. I am sure he is capable of being a head coach in this league. Just not for this team.

As much as this league is filled with athletes with incredible talent, it is also filled with egos.  As much as a coach needs to be an expert in X & O’s, he needs to be an expert in ego management. Very few coaches can do both. Phil Jackson, Pat Riley, and Greg Popovich are among the best I have ever seen. Coach Spoelstra does not have the credentials to command the respect needed to win from this team. its not his fault quite frankly, he is just a victim of circumstance.

Lebron James thus far in his career has been the coach. No disrespect to Mike Brown but Lebron did what we wanted in Cleveland when it was game time. Dwayne Wade has had a similar situation in Miami under Spoelstra. Chris Bosh is Chris Bosh, he’s just here for the ride and will do whatever Lebron and Wade demand. So he is a moot point. So your two best players feel that they know what is needed in order to win. They are going to play the way they want to play until someone they believe in tells them otherwise.

Pat Riley clearly is that guy. He is a proven winner. A no nonsense coach. He will cut off his arm to win a game. He will bench his best player to make a point. He will not compromise in what he believes in. He is a leader. And that is what the Miami Heat need most.



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