Foul Shots

Foul Shots. A weekly explotation of the latest events, mishaps and buffoonery around the league.

No individual or topic is safe from a foul shot.


"Wade, is it me or is Bosh's neck hella long?"

I don’t know whats worse. The Heats awful start based on expectations or the fact that they put together this “SUPERTEAM” but they still cannot sell out the arena. I would not be suprised if Pat Riley has them losing on purpose just so he can take over.  No way should they be this bad. Chris Bosh is officially the lamest player in the league with the longest neck I have ever seen.


I’m gonna be spending alot of time with my baby, Gloria

I don’t know who is more upset with Delonte West’s wrist injury. Celtic fans or Lebron James. I mean this injury should give him alot of free time to spend with Gloria.  I would have loved to see Thanksgiving dinner between them.  Thats the real Big 3, forget Miami.





Blake Griffin is not human. He looks like a player out of NBA Jam with the BIG HEAD code activated. I mean the dude is just dunking on everyone. Comparisions to Young STAT and The Reignman are warranted at this point in terms of athleticism and dunking power but I think he is way more versatile than the previous mentioned. Let’s hope he can stay healthy and delight us with highlights for the next 10 years.  But Blake, no more dunking on my Knicks. *Disclaimer* Zeke did not draft that player getting dunked on.


Wanted For Armed Robbery

How did Nick Collinson just earn 11 million? He is averaged 4ppg and 4rpb.  I know he does some intangibles on the court or atleast I’m being forced to believe so. There is not other conclusion to draw upon other than that if you are 6’10, can chew bubble gum and walk at the same time, you will be rewarded with millions by the NBA. This contract shall be known as NYK Chris Dudley 2.0





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One Response to Foul Shots

  1. bleedblueesq says:

    So apt is a pic of isiah next to the word buffoonery.

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